Icelandic Club Board 2019

  • President — Pétur Guðmundsson
  • Vice President — Gisli Olafsson
  • Treasurer — Joel Robinson
  • Membership Secretary — Björg Ýr Jóhansdóttir
  • Recording Secretary — Sasha Decker

Icelandic Club Trustees 2019

  • Amanda Allen
  • Henry Bjornsson
  • Tota Sellars

ICGS Mission Statement

The Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle is a non-profit local organization that strives:

  1. To promote Icelandic culture, language and heritage.
  2. To strengthen relationships within the Icelandic community in Washington.
  3. To strengthen relations with Iceland.
  4. To interact with other Icelandic Clubs in the USA and Canada.
  5. To interact with other local cultural clubs.
  6. To award further education scholarships to deserving high school graduates.
  7. To support the National Nordic Museum.